Barratlantic where quality counts.

That is why at Barratlantic we only use fresh fish of finest quality for processing in a strict hygienic environment.

The processing route is short: the fish is brought directly from the quayside to the processing lines at Barratlantic. After being processed without delay the fish is transported to the customers the same day. The short production and delivery lines guarantee the greatest freshness of our products.

When the fresh fish comes in from the quayside we immediately start checking the fish and packing it up to the customers requirements. All this is done in a temperature controlled room to keep the temperature of our products under control.

Filleting/ Cutting
In our own filleting department a team of specialist fishmongers fillet the fresh fish by hand in a traditional way, so that the quality can be guaranteed. In a seperate area Scallops are cut from there shell.

In our freezing-chambers the fish products are deep-frozen up to minus 40 degrees (Centigrade) to preserve the quality.

Frozen Packaging
Immediately after the freezing-process the product is packed up in special packets intended for our consumers: 400 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg. and so on.

Immediately after processing the fish is transported to wholesale dealers, who organise further distribution to supermarkets, restaurants and fish shops.

Barratlantics's team of highly trained staff check and monitor the quality at all stages in the process from the buying and delivery of Raw Materials and Ingredients to the delivery of the finest fish and shellfish.The Quality Control team are responsible for enforcing the requirements of our in house procedures and HACCP Systems.

At each stage in the process the Quality Control Team check to ensure that the Safety and Integrity of the Product is maintained at all times and that the desired Quality Attributes are achieved ensuring a consistent quality finished product.

The Quality Control Department at Barratlantic are responsible for the maintenance and continual improvement of the Quality Management System.